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Do you require the installation of window shutters or blinds in Harrisburg and the surrounding area? Call Linen Curtain for all of your window covering needs, including blind and shutter installation. On residential new construction and replacement projects, we collaborate with builders, contractors, and homeowners.

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Our company offers customized window shutter services for your home. Premium quality plantation shutters should bring usefulness, practicality, and grandeur to your interior design. Our skilled window installers are always available to discuss the best window shutter choice for you.
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Interior Window Shutter Services

The way wood blinds and window shutters are affixed to the window is what distinguishes them. Shutters are fixed to the window frame, whilst blinds are fixed to the inside or above the windows. There are several advantages to installing window shutters in your house, including:
Window Shutters add timeless charm to any space.
In contrast, shutters often endure longer since they are composed of durable, high-quality materials. They are more difficult to harm when in use since they are firmly mounted to the inside or outside of the window recess. Unlike wood shutters, vinyl shutters don’t need to be refinished and are simple to clean. Vinyl shutters usually come at a lower cost than composite or wood shutters. Vinyl is a wonderful material to use in humid or wet places since it is resistant to moisture.
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