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Visit our store to view the most exquisite and opulent curtains made from premium-quality silk fabric. Our curtains are designed to look upscale in any type of décor. We provide many patterns and styles for hanging curtains in your windows to give a current appearance. The ideal option for giving your windows a welcoming appearance is silk hangings. We provide a variety of patterns and shades to complement your home’s interior decor.

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We Provide Customized Curtains at Reasonable Costs

You can personalize our luxurious silk curtains to match your particular requirements. Customizing the color, design, print, or fabric of your window coverings is simple with us. Our skilled team can create curtains that meet your exact specifications for a very affordable price.
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Installation Services for Silk Curtains

Silk curtains have a very elegant and silky fabric. The most skilled hands are needed to hang them from your windows. Our skilled staff is available around-the-clock to install these luxurious curtains perfectly.
Silk Curtains add a touch of grace to your windows.
Silk curtains are quite luxurious. They look bright and airy, but they are thinner than the other materials and tend to allow in more light. It is possible to get lined silk curtains that are shiny and attractive, yet provide adequate light insulation.With the right maintenance, high-quality silk curtains may endure 20 to 30 years. Handle silk carefully since it is more prone to tearing and damage than other textiles.Silk shouldn’t shrink in the washer as it shouldn’t be washed in hot water. Wash silk in cold or warm water that doesn’t become much hotter than 75°F/24°C. Only hot water will cause silk to shrink, and the amount of shrinkage will vary depending on the kind of silk cloth being used.
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